High Cost Medical Assistance

The scheme caters to patients from Pan India but being treated in Mumbai at Municipal and State Govt. Hospital. The patients suffering from Cardiac related ailments, Cochlear Implant, Orthopedic issues, Hormone Deficiency, Hepatitis, GBS and other ailments are helped.

Criteria for HCMA

1. Patient from Pan India seeking treatment in Mumbai in Municipal/Govt. hospitals for pre planned surgery

2. Cost certificate from the MSW of the Municipal/Govt. hospital


General Medical Aid

The scheme is a single window support to the economically weaker sections who require health care thus enabling them to live healthy life. The scheme caters to patients who need smaller and short-term medical expenses or treatment such as Cataract Surgery, Pathological Investigation, MRI, CT Scan, Prosthesis, Medicines related to Diabetes, Hypertension, Epilepsy, Cardiac ailments etc.…

Criteria for GMA

1. Patients from Mumbai given help for medicines for Chronic ailment / Diagnostic test/ Minor surgeries.

2. Preplanned Minor Surgeries recommended from Government / Municipal / Charitable Hospital.

Dialysis Support


The scheme provides financial assistance for covering Dialysis cost of patients suffering from Chronic Renal Failure and help them to live a healthy life. The scheme is further divided into two distinct components.

Six Months Dialysis Support Scheme:

Renal failure patients undergoing Dialysis are provided financial assistance for their Six months dialysis cost. Patients are selected on the basis of lottery, to maintain transparency lots are drawn in front of the applicants and selected beneficiaries are assisted.

Sustained Dialysis Support (SDS):

The organization provides financial assistance for Dialysis under the Sustained Dialysis Support Scheme to 21 patients. These were selected from those who were under 6 months dialysis support. The scheme was started in the year 2012-13, where a life time Dialysis Support is being provided to highly deserving cases for Dialysis and Injection Cost. There are 05 patients supported with life time Injection Cost for Dialysis.

Criteria for 6 months Dialysis Support Scheme

1. Patients undergoing Dialysis in Mumbai Metropolitan.

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