The Board of Trustees set the vision and broad guidelines for the organization and ensure good governance in liaison with the Advisory Board and various Committees. The direction and control of the organization is with Board for social relevance, financial sustainability, monitoring and evaluation and overall growth of organization.
Members of Managing Committee are dedicated professionals and individuals from diverse backgrounds and experts in social engineering. They are involved in developing, reviewing policies and schemes with an aim to optimize the resources for our beneficiaries. Strategic and Operational matters are also discussed among the members of the committee. It comprises of 08 members. Detailed agenda and proceedings of these meetings are documented for future reference. The Managing Committee formulates the structure of authority and responsibilities and it is delegated to the concerned staff members of the organization.
Members of the sub-committee are present in the monthly meetings and express their point of views and share their experiences regarding matters which are being discussed. They are also part of the regular events and programs. The sub-committee comprises of the 5 members.
The Board of Advisors comprises of experienced professionals. Members of this board also meet regularly. They provide necessary professional advice to the executive committee members and are also invited to attend important meetings.
Mapping the need to keep pace with the changes in the implementation ecosystem, MESCO has evolved a decentralized mechanism in form of a forum to address, shape up and recommend policies that are required to run the schemes (or programs). This forum is termed as the Portfolio Committee. It’s a committee that suggests a set of ideas or plans that is used as a basis for making decisions, a committee that chalks out a course or principle of action and recommends them to be ratified and adopted by the Managing Committee, a committee to review the basic indicators (programmatic) in a periodic manner.
Organization consists of various departments for operational purpose as per the nature of the undertakings and as per the tasks handled. Monthly meetings are held for each and every department for reviewing activities held in the entire month. It ensures the systematic delegation of tasks, activities and responsibilities.
Management Process
Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Documentation
The Executive and the Department heads along with the staff members are actively involved in preparing the strategic plans to make sure the smooth implementation of schemes. The program is executed by following the decided plans with the collective efforts of the team/ staff members. A continuous monitoring is done by the line Managers to ensure the direction of the implementation. Timely evaluation and course correction measures are done as and when required after deliberations and discussions with the Executive Committee. Documentation is carried out on regular basis.
Budgeting System, Financial Accountability and Transparency
Effective implementation of budgetary control system has been practiced by the organization. Budgets are prepared and presented to the Board by all the departments at the beginning of every financial year. The executive committee approves the budget after discussing each and every aspect of the same with the concerned H.O.D’s. Reviewing of the financial statements (status reports) is done by the Board. Every quarter (3 months) the financial records are taken care by financial experts, statutory auditor, members from board and Executive Committee.
Maintaining and tracking of the donor requirements is a process followed with utmost diligence. In order to have Donor Database for the long term management of the same. The organization regularly communicates with the funders and provides updates to them on their support. Information on events, sponsorship details, beneficiary progress is regularly shared with the concerned donor in line with the organization policy of ‘transparency and accountability’. This has over a period of time made MESCO a trusted name amongst the donors and the organization has translated this good will in its sustained support to the beneficiaries.
Beneficiaries are the most important people for the organization. They are briefed in detail about the schemes and services provided from MESCO. Their details are recorded to understand how best we can support them. Once the beneficiary is offered financial support, the staff is in constant touch to ensure the rightful delivery of the support. With changing times, the organization is looking at technological advancements to streamline various processes.
The organization has well laid recruitment/ hiring policy. The need-based positions are advertised, candidates are screened and shortlisted and then invited for two rounds of interviews before the final selection. The organization has robust and time-tested Human Resource Policies. Each staff has access to them and is inducted and oriented at the time of appointment. Each staff is issued a letter of appointment/ contract which carries a detailed job description. Each staff has to undergo an annual performance appraisal (self-appraisal and appraisal by line manager) and is scored for the KRAs as per the job description. Capacity Building and Trainings programs are conducted for the staff.
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