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Educational Aid

Educational Aid is a scholarship programme to promote the means deprived students both at school level and college level. The assistance is provided to the students to meet part of their educational cost during the year and it continues till they acquire the first degree. Its covers right from Nursery till Graduation. The statistic over the last four decade depicts the lower rate of dropout under the scheme and students are perseverance to achieve their goals. Apart from providing financial assistance to the students who are into regular academic studies, MESCO also extend its support to ITI students and also to the students who are into Short Term Vocational Courses (STVC). There is a huge demand for skilled labour in the industries. In order to bridged that gap, MESCO encourages students who are least interested in academic studies to opt for such ITI and Short-Term Vocational Courses (like Electrician, Computer Hardware & Networking, Fashion Designing, and Beautician at the MES Vocational Training Centers) which can provide them employment in a short duration of time.

Percentage criteria for EA

For School level –
Lottery system (Nursery to 10th)

For College level –
Minimum 50% For Std 11th


Educational Adoption Scheme

A unique scholarship programme based on merit cum means where the academic excellence along with financial condition is taken into consideration. It has been an observed fact that in-spite of good academic record the students are compelled to take a drop due to unsound financial condition of the family. This flagship scheme is specially designed to cater to such students and provide them a platform to achieve their goal. The students are inducted from Std. VIII onwards, based on the last three years percentage after assessing the financial stability through home visit and then finally at Interview session with the student and parents by the Committee Members. The organization believes in the holistic development of the students, in order to shape that belief a multidimensional activity is carried out throughout the years like Personality Development Camp, Orientation Programme, Educational Programme, Aptitude Test, Engineering students Get-together, Graduating Students Get-together etc.

Percentage criteria for EAS

EAS Scheme is from Std. VIII onwards

Std. VIII & IX
A2 Grade in last 3 years

Std. X
75% in last 3 years

Std. XI & Diploma
80% in last 3 years


High Cost Educational Scholarship

In the world of Education, where the professional studies are far beyond the reach of a middle-class family. High Cost Educational Scheme is designed to meet the financial need of that section of students who are academically bright but financially unsound. The students are assisted under this scheme through a series of process like issue of forms on the basis of the academic required performance of the organization, home visit and interview session by Committee Members. The final call is taken at the interview session by Committee Members.The HCES program has been in operation since the last 18 years. The scholarship empowers and enhances the confidence of the students to pursue their professional dream. It is expected that students repay the scholarship amount soon after they finish their course. The repaid amount is utilized for the new student applicants.

Percentage criteria for HCES
Multidimensional program

Educational Programs

The students under the scheme are exposed to various kinds of educational programs. These are focused programs in the form of expert or guest lectures and talks. The lectures and talks are informative, educational, participatory and interactive in nature. It is a focused attempt at providing exposure to the students and enhancing their academic skills. These programs are generally held for the students of Std. X and XII. Each year MESCO organizes two get-together programs. These are for the Graduating and Engineering students enrolled under the scheme. These are focused programs in form of expert or guest lectures and talks. The lectures and talks are informative, educational, participatory and interactive in nature. It is a focused attempt at providing exposure to the students and enhancing their professional skills. The programs are conducted by professionals and designed and tailormade for the students who will be stepping into the world of work. Motivating and building their confidence and guiding them to become better and informed professionals.

Multidimensional program
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