In India it seems very obvious that in the next three-five years, many people will opt for vocational training. Students will opt for courses that will be able to provide them with jobs immediately. This will also equip them with the skills needed for an appropriate job in the corporate world. Most industries are going to face a shortage of skilled manpower. Hence, there will be many openings for the students who will have the required skills. Vocational educators have long accepted that without a sufficient mastery of reading, writing and calculation, learners cannot take more than limited advantage of possibilities to enhance their knowledge, skills and capacities. We have realized having worked over the four and a half decades with the marginalized section of society that there is an immense and urgent need to provide for skill training to the large number of drop outs who have acquired literacy and numeracy skills to get into some skill based training programmes.

These courses need to be satisfying a few characteristics
  1. They should be of a short duration

  2. They should be relatively cheap.

  3. They should have recognition in the job market.

  4. They should provide a skill which makes the individual employable/self-employed.

The Vocational Training Center functions in collaboration with Fr. Agnel Technical College, Bandra. In the last five years we have trained & provided skill to 360 students in 6 different trades namely, Electrician, Professional Beautician, Dress-Making & Fashion Designing, Computer Hardware & Networking, Information Technology and Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. Many Students are employed in different Govt. & Private sectors and earning decent income supporting their family. Some of them are working in MSEDCL, Lodha’s Group, Lakme, Godrej, etc. Many of them are self-employed. The average salary is Rs 5,000/- p.m. & the highest earnings raises above 40,000/- p.m.

We have two Vocational Training Centers located at Mumbra and one in Dharavi.

Mesco Education

Success Stories



Shah Imtiyaz is a young & energetic guy living in Mumbra. Born into an extremely poor family, Imtiyaz was educated in the local town school. But once he had finished that basic schooling, he had no work to do, nothing to look forward to And had no means, other than minor work to support himself and his family. This became a pattern of his impoverished life for years.

But change was around the corner One day he saw a pamphlet giving information about MESCO Education Societys Vocational Training Centre in a very simple language. What attracted him was the advertisement for the Electrician-Course & affordable fees.

In his mind he knew that "Roti" (Food), "Kapda" (Clothing) and "Makaan" (Housing) were the three basic essential needs for any human being. Out of these three, his family had at least some means of getting food and clothing but had absolutely no means of getting any house. So Imtiyaz walked into the MESCO Education Societys Vocational Training center, to enroll in the Electrician course.

Today, Shah Imtiyaz is able to support his family by earning Rs 12000/- p.m. and is grateful to all who helped him to create a livelihood for him.