Sewing Machine Distribution


To offer income generation avenue to widows and unemployed women making them self-reliant


One of the income sources for widows, deserted and poor women is to stitch clothes (tailoring) and earn income to support their families. The scheme encourages families to become independent for the rest of their lives and motivates them to become self-reliant and live a life of dignity and honor. The selection of candidates is on the basis of their economic condition, trade test and interviews.

Reach Out

Each year MESCO Distribute around 100 Sewing Machine empowering women with earning options

Ration Support


To provide ration to the most deserving section in society until such time that they are able to food for themselves


The basic need of a human being is food. MESCO provides Ration Support to Widows, Deserted and Old people. Food items covered are Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Tur Dal, Masoor Dal, Oil, Tea Powder and Chana. The families are categorized as A, B, C, D and E, based on their family size and are provided with ration support proportionate qualities to suffice their basic nutrition needs.

Reach Out

Each year MESCO provide assistance to over 350 most deserving families

Disaster Relief

Natural disasters are events that are beyond the control of human beings. They increase the vulnerabilities and risk of those that get affected. MESCO extends support to those who are affected by such disasters. In the year 2015-16 the organization reached out to families that were affected by an accidental fire occurred in Damu Nagar, Kandivali. Out of those affected, three most deserving families were supported to rebuild their lives

Reach Out:

An Annual Budget for this unforeseen event

Struggle for Life

"Struggle for Life" Mohammed, a 40yrs old married man stays with his wife and son. His wife (Mariyam), earlier worked as domestic helper but later discontinued as she had to look after her bed ridden husband. Her husband was a daily wage earner; unfortunately he sustained a head injury (i.e. intra carnial bleeding) due to an accidental fall. Years back, these days they depend on help received from relatives and neighbours. The family has one small room made of tin sheet, whose condition is very bad, situated near a drainage line. Husband’s condition is such that Maryam can’t go out for work. The only source of income was Mohammed. All the house and medicine expenses depend on zakat or donation given by relatives, friends and neighbours. After receiving ration support from MESCO the family is at a great ease and this scheme is hope of life for them.